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    DAHIRU Sani, Ph.D.

    Dr. Dahiru Sani is the founder of the Kaduna Business School on the crest of a sterling career in the Nigerian banking industry. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Finance and in addition to several teaching certifications, he is a Harvard Alumnus of the distinguished Leadership Programme Making Markets Work (2004). Dr. Sani has spent the last 15 years with Corporate Leaders, designing and implementing change programmes and also working with Entrepreneurs on raising Entrepreneurial Finance.

    He was the lead consultant for the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Nigeria, he designed and applied research tools used to conduct a survey of the capacity gaps of Nigerian Civil Servants (Training Needs Analysis). (2008/2009):

    Working with the Department for International Development DFID funded States and Local Government Programme (SLPG) and the Jigawa State Government; he served as Lead Consultant in the development of a blueprint for the restructuring of the states’ bureaucracy.

    As lead Management Consultant for Defence Industries Corporation (DICON), He designed a corporate restructuring programme that helped the multi-billion Naira ammunitions production company revamp its operations. He successfully applied the Mintzberg’s taxonomy approach to restructure DICON’s operations. In a follow-up consultancy in 2010, he developed a Leadership Pipeline for staff promotion for DICON that is currently being used by the firm.

    Dahiru is bilingual, fluent in French and English and presents papers at International fora in both languages.

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    Developing an Innovative Organization

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    Personal Effectiveness and Problem Solving

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    Mail : director.general@kbs.edu.ng

    Phone : +234 809 877 6600

    Skype : dahiru.sani

    Web : www.kbsedu.org

    Location : Kaduna, Nigeria

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