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    TED Sun DBA, Ph,D.

    Dr. Ted Sun is the pioneer of systemic leadership. He holds two Doctorate degrees in management and psychology as well as degrees in engineering and MBA. He is an accomplished academic and author who has worked with leaders from all spheres of life. Considered one of the ranking American authorities on the dynamics between leaders and followers. Dr. Sun has taken leadership development beyond motivational speeches to dig beneath the surface to uncover the roots of real connection between leaders and follower.

    A chief dream maker is a master at developing people and organizations around the world. While NBC called Dr. Sun a world-renowned motivational speaker, he does much more than motivation. He transforms people’s thought processes, with a rare foundation of two terminal degrees in Business and Psychology. In the last two years, leaders from 42 different countries felt the impact of Dr. Sun’s work. In past two years alone, he spoke to audiences in the thousands in Asia, worked with government leaders in Africa, guest spoke on major television media in the U.S. and Ghana, and leads multinational research involving hundreds of universities across the world. These interactions reshaped significant aspects of many people’s lives. As a result of such impacts, Dr. Sun is a respected author, a renowned consultant and a highly sought after educator and researcher around the world.

    Dr Sun was born in Shanghai, China and moved to the U.S. at the age of ten. He attended Ohio State University where he graduated with honors with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. He furthered his academic career with an MBA also from OSU. Professor Sun holds a Doctorate in Management in Organizational Leadership and a PhD in Organizational Psychology. Professor Sun lives by the motto: Enabling systemic shifts in thought around the world and leading humanity towards evolution from within.

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