Our Campus

    The Kaduna Business School campus is located at the heart of Kaduna State and sits at the entrance of Ungwan RImi on 17 Gobarau Road with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Kaduna State Zonal Office as its neighbour. The 21st Century Campus with its distinctive architecture was built to facilitate positive productive learning in its invigorating environment that radiates efficacious energy for the assimilation of knowledge.

    KBS campus is cordial and environmentally friendly with its solar powered green roofing system as a source of energy, its fish ponds and aquariums around campus and exotic gardens. Paved trails around the campus gardens makes it the perfect place read and reflect.

    The campus centralized buildings also allows easy access between classes and facilities.

    The Kaduna Business School Campus has become a Kaduna State landmark.

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