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Kaduna Business School - About Us

Developing People and Strengthening Institutions...

Kaduna Business School (KBS) was established in 2000 to provide an opening for systematic advancement in management, leadership and entrepreneurship. Since its inception, KBS has been instrumental in driving the policies and actions needed to tip the scales in favour of managers and leaders who are eager to learn and improve their chances of success. Management is getting more complex while the real essence of leadership is understood and practised only by a select few.

The world is essentially a network of thousands of organizations responsible for everything that touches our lives. Societies prosper when organizations are run effectively from top to bottom. The role of Kaduna Business School has been to narrow the gaps in capacity within organizations; to this end, we are helping to raise knowledge inventory and also helping to make the conversation between government, businesses and NGOs more coherent with a view to widening the coalition for policy development and execution.

Message from the Director General

Welcome and thank you for your keen interest in the Kaduna Business School.
The Institution was founded upon the principle that learning is a life-long endeavour and the job is never done and any situation can be improved no matter how impressive or how troubling it may appear to be.

KBS has been involved in several large projects with national and international coverage, its memberships with several national and international professional bodies give KBS additional leverage, a guarantee of quality and world-class benchmark for its programmes in terms of facilities, technology and delivery.

We feel honoured by our achievements but we are also excited about the future. Keen observers can perceive when the world moves up another gear and I believe the greatest challenge to organizations is systemically linked to a failure to perceive change, this inevitably leads to the difficult process of adaptation. What we do is to keep your senses alive and your mind ticking relentlessly that way you will always know where the world is headed and what the new priorities should be.

Dr. Sani Dahiru


Our Vision

To bring professionalism, good governance, leadership wisdom and managerial acumen to all sectors of the economy.

Our Mission

To provide leaders with cutting edge tools and concepts to drive innovations that will transform people and institutions.

Philosophy and Orientation

To respond to the needs of the society, anticipate problems of development and design appropriate learning solutions, programmes to address such problems. We believe that the right answers come from asking the most difficult questions.







Our Services

When we engage with clients, our goal is to create new pathways for thinking and acting in order to achieve better results. Executives have a difficult time when confronted with a systemic imbalance and our objective is to help figure out the most effective combination of tools needed for the organization to regain balance and retain the critical learning from that experience in its DNA.

Business & Financial Consulting

Over the last decade many of the nation’s most important organizations have faced significant decision points as to how to move forward in a new reform sensitive world. KBS Consulting has played a leading role in guiding a number of these organizations towards fulfilling the requirements of stakeholders that are now far more knowledgeable than in the previous two decades.

Conference & Seminar Hosting

The serene atmosphere and lush environment at Kaduna Business School provides the best venue to host/hold Government and business functions ranging from seminars, conferences to small meetings. The state of the art facilities and ultra-modern equipment guarantees hitch free events at all times.

Training Needs Analysis

Traditional training need analysis could be tedious, time consuming and imprecise. DACUM – ‘Developing A Curriculum’ is faster, cheaper and designed to deliver precise results. Its sister methodology SCID is then used to develop instructional materials. A key advantage of The DACUM-SCID method is that it brings clarity and focus to any job or subject removing any lingering doubts as to where the priorities reside.

Business Development Service Provider

Kaduna Business School is one of the accredited institutions in Nigeria to certify Business Development Services Providers (BDSP). We also provide Business Development Services under the aegis of the Bank of industry (BOI) working loan seeking clients of the BOI to align their business proposals and loan requests with the guidelines of the Bank.


We organize market researches periodically to help gather information about target markets or customers for our clients. It is a very important component for business strategy.


Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.


Resource planning is a process of allocating tasks to human and non-human resources in a way that would maximize the efficiency of the resources for the Organization.


The aim of conflict management in an organizational setting is to mitigate the negativity of conflict and increase the positive aspects.


Our Leadership training programs include searching for innovative ways of developing, inspiring and motivating individuals and teams to achieve outstanding business results.


Exit planning is the preparation for the exit of an entrepreneur from his company to maximize the enterprise value of the company while making sure tax burdens are minimized.


Meet Our Team

Meet the members of Kaduna Business School's Management Team.

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Dahiru Sani – Ph.D

Director General

Dr. Ted Sun

Adjunct Professor of Organizational Leadership

Musa Maigida

Dean Kaduna Business School

Nabilah Sani

Human Resource Manager

Omagwu Ameh


Hussaina Salihu

Head Bursary/Lecturer

Abdullahi Bibi

Lecturer/Financial Manager

Lateefah Yusyuf

Deputy Registrar/Lecturer/Facilitator

Our Accreditation

Partners & Clients

Management Team

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