Managing Systemic Dynamics for Decision Making

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About This Course

Breaking down complex problems into constituent elements is often the accepted method of handling of complex assignments and questions. However, engaging in such deconstruction often blurs the problem’s larger context. “System Dynamics” is a discipline for seeing wholes, a framework for seeing interrelationships and repeated patterns of events rather than static “snapshots”. It provides a scaffolding of principles, specifically tools and techniques developed in recent years, and is a discipline that seeks to discover the roots of complexity, thus enabling a perception capable of discerning potential significant improvements possible with a minimum of effort. It offers a language that expands, changes, and reshapes ordinary ways of thinking regarding complex issues.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
 Describe the characteristics and behaviour of complex, adaptive systems, and the implications for the role of management
 Identify repeating patterns, or models, in systems according to the behavior of the system over time
 Involve stakeholders in cooperative action to impact the results of a system
 Plot the cause-and-effect relationship of issues and decisions associated with them
 Investigate the nature and role of leverage points for systemic interventions.
 Apply concepts of systems thinking and complexity to real life management challenges.
 Identify root causes rather than the symptoms of a problem
 Analyze positive and negative systems feedback and explain the role of feedback in system dynamics
 Collaborate with others analyzing and improving systems

Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Booklets


  • Passion for entrepreneurship
  • Basic business concepts

Target Audience

  •  Business/Industry Leaders
  •  Public Sector Executives
  •  Senior and midlevel managers
  •  Strategy consultants
  •  Managers in the private and public sectors who want to get ahead of complex problems.

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