Exiting the Establishment & Managing New Beginnings

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About This Course

We constantly face change in our lives and sometimes we even look forward to it. However other drastic life changing transitions have to be carefully managed. This usually involves defining the person you need to become in order to create the life you want. A new beginning can cause you to search for new answers to old questions such as what is the reason for your existence and what is the value of the relationships with friends and family. This course is designed to address the most important aspects of turning a new page after exiting your organization. It will provide you with tools to be proactive and confident about the future,

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Define their future selves
• Take action to strengthen meaningful relationships
• Commit to being proactive about health and wellness
• Apply the tools of financial management
• Discuss the process of new venture creation
• Mention the strategies for navigating life’s major transitions
• Identify new opportunities outside the work environment
• Evaluate the strategies for personal rebranding
• Develop an action plan for online professional networking

Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Booklets


  • Passion for entrepreneurship
  • Basic business concepts

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for senior managers and executives from all sectors who are five years or less from retirement

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